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how you might be feeling

When someone dies

If someone you know has died you might be feeling all kinds of different feelings.

You might not understand what has happened and want to stay at home with your family. You might be feeling sad and crying a lot. You might be feeling angry and do things that you know you shouldn't. When we feel very sad we might cry a lot and sometimes we feel poorly and we might have a tummy ache or headaches.

All of these are very natural feelings.

Some children don't want to go to school but others tell us that they like to be at school because they can play with their friends and that helps them to feel better.

You might be scared that someone else is going to die. Some children worry that somehow they made the person die but children are not to blame for a person dying.

You might have all kind of thoughts and feelings that you have not had before and this can be very worrying.

Things might change a lot, and you might be worried about what is going to happen and why the grown ups in your family are behaving differently.


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