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Ways of remembering

Share your memories with friends and family and get them to share theirs too. You may learn things that you didn't know about your loved one.

Create a memory box containing special items that belonged to you and your loved one. Place little notes in it with special memories on.

Make a collage of all your favourite photographs of the person and put it up on the wall where you can look at it anytime you like.

You might like to honour your loved one's favourite tradition.

Gather your friends and family together in celebration of your loved one. Perhaps throw a remembrance party on the anniversary of their death.

Light a candle in your loved one's memory.

Make a memory book of photos and memoirs of your loved one.

Donate money to a charity, or donate your time to help those less fortunate than you.

Start a memorial trust or scholarship fund for your loved one.

Write a poem or a story about the person.

Visit a place that you used to like going to together. Remember the good times you had there.

If you are hosting or attending an event such as a wedding or christening, do something to remember your loved one at that special time, to show how much you wish they could be there with you. Perhaps light a candle or hold a few moments silence in their memory.

Hang a special bauble or ornament from the Christmas tree.

Plant a tree in memorial of your loved one. Place a plaque next to the tree with a message on it.

Listen to your loved ones favourite music.

Put a bench in your garden, or in the cemetery or park with a plaque on it which says in memory of your loved one and a few words about them.

Release balloons with friends and family in memory of your loved one. Perhaps attach little notes onto the balloons with messages on them.

Take flowers to your loved ones resting place.

Plant a memory garden for your loved one, plant their favourite flowers and trees. When you tend the garden you will remember them.

Write a letter to your lost loved one, tell them everything you are missing about them and everything that you learned from them.

Cook your loved ones favourite meal and think of them while you are eating it.

Helpline: 01922 724841
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Helpline: 01922 645035
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