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The funeral

The funeral

A funeral is when family and friends of the person who has died get together to remember them and to say goodbye.

Funerals can be very different depending on the beliefs of the family.

Most children we meet say that the funeral is very upsetting, however they also said that they felt it better to have gone, than not to have gone.

If you are not sure what will happen ask someone to explain to you.

Before you decide whether you want to go, talk it through with your family.

Sometimes grown ups think that the funeral will be too upsetting for you and may say that you can't go. If this does happen to you, ask if you can do some other special activity instead.

Some children put something special in the coffin: like;

A letter to go the person that died.
Or a picture they have drawn or a photograph.

Others do something special when the funeral is over like go to a special place and let off a helium balloon.

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