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Callum’s Rock Gig

Callum raised more than £500 for our charity when he organised a Music Gig at the Robin 2 Bilston recently. Along with bandmates Alfie Johnston and Jack Rickards, their heavy metal group Requiem was joined by several other local bands for a night of Rock!

Callum received support from THE SWING our children/young people’s bereavement service several years ago following the deaths of his twin sisters Hope and Bethany, born prematurely in 2007 and the death of Nan in 2011.

When he learned of our funding difficulties he told us ‘ you really helped me when I was younger …it was a difficult time in my life and your support pretty much turned me into a completely different Callum. Now I want to give something back’.

Well done Callum it was a great night! Thank you all so much.

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