Young People

Discovering that someone has died can be devastating.

When we hear sad news, we have lots of different feelings.

Sometimes we are very upset and cry all the time or we might be very angry, sometimes we might just feel numb as we cannot believe what has happened.

It can be made harder if you don't know what is going on, or if no one has explained clearly to you exactly what has happened.

Some people have difficulties sleeping and eating and find concentrating on school work very difficult. They might get in to arguments as they feel incredibly angry about what has happened and how unfair life is.

Some young people take to their bedrooms and don't want to speak to anyone. Others want to stay close to their families; others need to be out with their friends.

These are all natural responses to what has happened.

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Or you might like to do our work sheet to help you with what you are thinking and feeling.

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