Walsall Bereavement Support Service

Bereaved by Suicide Helpline: 01922 724841
Child & Family Helpline: 01922 645035

Finding support for financial & practical matters

If you are seeking advice/guidance on the practical matters that arise when someone dies, such as registering the death, arranging and paying for the funeral, benefits, wills, probate etc. you may find the following link useful.

www.direct.gov.uk – click on to Government, Citizens and Rights.

Alternatively you can contact your local Jobcentre Plus to book an appointment for enquiries about financial help towards funeral expenses and general enquiries on bereavement benefits and allowances and the required form filling.

Walsall Jobcentre Plus - 0345 604 3719


Helpline: 01922 724841
Email: admin@wbss.org.uk

Helpline: 01922 645035
Email: children@wbss.org.uk

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