Walsall Bereavement Support Service offers free support to bereaved children, young people and their families who live in the Walsall borough, irrespective of their relationship to the deceased person, the cause of the death or the time that has elapsed since the death. We also offer support to adults bereaved by suicide.

Please reach out to us.

Globe House and one of our rooms

Adult Helpline: 01922 724841 | Child & Family Helpline: 01922 645035

Our office hours are 10.30-5.30 Mon - Fri.

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Children/Young People


If you call us out of office hours, you can leave a message with your contact details on our answering facility and we will call you back when the office reopens.

Walsall Bereavement Support Service is here to help you.

Coping with death especially when it is that of a loved one, can be a very distressing and overwhelming experience.

Whilst a strong sense of sadness and loss might be expected as a result, dealing with bereavement can also give rise to other very powerful feelings too. It is not unusual for bereaved adults or bereaved children to feel angry or guilty as these are normal reactions to grief.

Walsall Bereavement Support Service offers free confidential support and counselling to help bereaved young people and their families come to terms with their feelings about their loss and work through their grief.

Walsall Bereavement Support Service is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation - Registered charity number 1152724

Our volunteers are trained to understand bereavement issues and our service is free to all our users.

Bereavement can have physical effects too...

Sometimes you may experience numbness, breathlessness, tiredness and dizziness. It is not unusual either to suffer from headaches, short losses of memory, muscular tension, tightness in the chest or in the throat, stomach upsets or shakiness. You may feel exhausted for weeks or months afterwards and have a sensation that nothing is real. All of these physical symptoms are common and very much part of the impact of grief so don't be alarmed -. but if you are concerned see your doctor who may be able to help.

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